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Financial Support

SCS is pleased to offer financial assistance to qualifying families who would otherwise be unable to attend because of financial hardship. Awards of financial assistance are based on an analysis of a family‚Äôs ability to contribute towards educational expenses.  This analysis is conducted by Apple Financial Services. Families must complete their online financial assistance applications through Apple Financial and must reapply for assistance annually.

Families pay a minimum of $100 tuition/month ($1000/year).  Grad fees, sports fees, ski trip and camp fees are extra.  The financial assistance application process is $130, paid directly to Apple Financial.  SCS credits families who apply for financial assistance $65/year towards their tuition costs.

Funding is limited so it is important to apply early.  

Financial Support Information & Application

In order to help us determine the amount of funds we will have available to assist new families for an upcoming school year, returning families must submit their applications for financial assistance by March 31 each school year.

School Start-up