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Nurturing a child's faith in a loving God!

Discover all things Elementary at SCS!

Take a stroll through our hallways, filled with artistic creations, and peek into the imagination of a child.  Elementary classrooms are brimming with fun and interesting ways our students learn without even knowing they are doing it!

The primary goal of our elementary program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes a love of learning and positive character while challenging students to begin to explore their unique talents from Kindergarten through eighth grade. Inspiring a desire for learning starts in the elementary years - balancing traditional instruction, experiential learning, social and spiritual growth, and critical thinking.

At SCS, we emphasize positive reinforcement.  While bullying behaviour is obviously discouraged, we forego anti-bullying campaigns and instead focus on “filling buckets” and striving to bless others with a kind word or deed. Building character and grit is valuable to us, and our teachers are intentional about noting areas of growth in your child, so they can celebrate their maturity.  Character Awards are held at a special Chapel so we can all celebrate each other! 

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We start in Kindergarten by using “manipulatives” (objects that encourage and allow your child to explore an idea in an active hands-on approach).  Math manipulatives build your child’s confidence by giving them a way to tangibly confirm their reasoning. If children have physical evidence of how their thinking works, their understanding is more robust. Manipulatives also serve as a concrete model for your child to use to solve problems.

In later grades, participation in math competitions to sharpen math skills and provide healthy academic outlets helps foster a love of logical thinking and a sense of accomplishment.

Our hands-on approach to Science and Biology will have your children building a hovercraft, making potato cannons, growing crystals, shooting rockets, using liquid nitrogen (yes, in elementary school), exploring and identifying insects, raising ducks, hatching chicks and butterflies and much, much more!

Weekly chapels are full of student-led worship and lessons. Chapel lessons are prepared for the students by the students to help give them ownership of this important part of the week. Students lead worship using everything from drums to xylophones to lead students in worship, including singing! Reflective activities like Chapel are a great opportunity to guide and challenge students to discover meaningful faith. Parents and grandparents are always welcome!