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SSCE Board of Trustees

The Board is accountable to the members of the Society, parents, students, staff and the entire school community for the conduct, performance and culture of SCS.  The Board provides strategic guidance for SCS and effectively oversees and reviews the school's management. 

Mr. Myron Johnson
Board Chair
Mrs. Sandra Dick
Mr. Trevor Reid
Mr. Regan Espeseth
Vice Chair
Mr. Del Hutton
Mr. Ken Berg
Mrs. Katherine Meginbir
Mrs. Sara Buckingham
Mrs. Amanda Munshaw

Clarifying Statements

In an effort to provide a clear understanding of our organization's beliefs and positions, Saskatoon Society for Christian Education Inc. (SSCE) may provide clarifying statements to help foster transparency and openness.  We hope that by clearly articulating our position with respect to emerging socio-political issues, SSCE provides clarity to its members, staff, and the broader community. Ultimately, our sincere hope is to promote understanding, facilitate dialogue, and encourage responsible citizenship.

School Start-up