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School Policy Overview

You will find some of our most accessed school policy highlights below.

For comprehensive and detailed information about Saskatoon Christian School policies, please review the SCS Parent/Student Handbook and the SCS Athletic Handbook at the bottom of this page.

Medications at School

The School Office will stock a small supply of commonly used non-prescription medications (Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen). Students must have written parental permission to request medication if necessary.

For the safety of all students:

  • students are not permitted to have any medications on their person at school. 
  • all medications must be stored at the School Office. 
  • no student may give any type of medication to another student. 
  • If your child needs medication to be stored at the School Office or has emergency medication such as an epi-pen or inhalers, please provide the medication and a current student photo to the School Office along with the Medication Dispensement Form (complete the side that applies).

Medication Dispensement Form

Student Supervision & After School Program

Click to view policies regarding student supervision and the After School Program.

Student Supervision Policy & After School Program

Student Transportation to School Events

Parents must have an approved Driver Authorization Form signed by the principal for transporting children other than their own to and from any school-authorized event (field trips, sports teams, ski trip, outdoor education activities, etc). 

NOTE: Students can drive themselves to curricular-related events, but cannot drive other students.

Driver Authorization Form

Weather Policies


  • Students go outside for recess and lunch when the temperature (with the wind chill) is minus 26 degrees Celsius or warmer. 
  • If weather conditions are poor, you should make a safe decision about traveling to school.  Parents must report all absences/late arrivals/early departures to the School Office. Call 306-343-1494 and press "1" or email 24/7.
  • Ensure you have an alternate plan for your children in the event you are unable to get to the school for pick up.
  • In cases of severe weather, the school may invoke emergency dismissal procedures. Parents will receive instructions and should check the SCS or 650 CKOM websites in the mornings for emergency notifications.
  • Ensure that emergency contact information is current at the School Office with a telephone number where you can be reached immediately.


  • Students will remain inside the school when there is thunder and lightning, driving rain, excessive winds, or poor air quality. 
  • Students normally go outside for recess and noon hour during the rain (unless the conditions listed above exist).  Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and is prepared with rain boots, a raincoat, umbrellas, and a change of socks or pants if necessary.  
  • When the weather is hot, students should follow the SCS Dress Code Policy (see SCS Parent/Student Handbook) and be prepared with hats, sunblock, and a refillable water bottle.

SCS Athletic Handbook

The mission of the SCS Athletic Department is to lead students to love God, instilling in them a will to strive for excellence with Christian discipline and character that withstands pressure, teaching them the importance of teamwork & servanthood, and showing them how to accept victory or defeat with grace and humility.  

SCS Athletic Handbook

SCS Parent/Student Handbook

A partnership between home, church, and school is second to none for bringing up children with the values and beliefs found in God’s Word, the Bible. In the spirit of that partnership, we present the SCS Parent/Student Handbook. 

SCS Parent/Student Handbook

School Start-up