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GivingTuesday, November 2023

Thank you to everyone who donated to the GivingTuesday - "Let Them Know" campaign. At its core, this campaign embodied the collective heartbeat of our community, highlighting the profound impact each individual, donor, and supporter has on the holistic development and growth of our students. It was more than just a fundraising effort; it was a heartfelt demonstration of our collective belief in the potential and promise of every student who walks through our doors.

Through this campaign, our aim was to let our students know that they are not alone on their educational journey. Every donation, every act of support, and every contribution served as a resounding affirmation that they are cherished, valued, and supported by a community that deeply believes in their potential.  We were extremely humbled by the overwhelming support and generous donations!

Click here for a short "thank you" and "final total" video!

Thank you to our Matching Corporate Donors: 

  • Cooke Insurance ($10,000)
  • Riptide Roofing Inc./Riptide Demolition ($3,500)
  • Vince Wiegers from Wiegers Financial ($1,500)
  • James Gibson from Saskatoon Paving Stone ($1,000)
  • ConAm Developments ($500)
  • KL Engineering Inc. ($500)
  • Stick and Stone Counselling ($500)

Gym in the Gym, Completed Fall 2023

Thank you to everyone who donated to our "Gym in the Gym" fundraising campaign. Your generosity has changed the lives of SCS students FOREVER!

November 1, 2023, marked the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new weight room! Our student athletes are excited about having a place to get fit, have fun and maintain mental and physical health.  This is an invaluable asset to both our athletics programs and physical education classes, and we are pumped about this progress!

Click here to see the ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebrate with us!

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