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"Official Transcript" Request

As of August 2, 2024, students will begin using the MyCreds Learner Portal to view and share their official Transcript of Secondary Level Achievement with post-secondary institutions and other parties. The digital transcript is secure, efficient, convenient, and tamper evident. MyCreds Learner Portal is a national initiative led by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC).

A personal email address is required for student access to the MyCreds Learner Portal and to view and share their transcripts.  The email address must be unique (not shared with a family member) and must be the email the student intends to use after high school (not an "" email). This email is to be used strictly for storing a student's personal email for the purpose of accessing transcripts. 

Current SCS high school students should:

  • complete the MyCreds Student Email Submission Form to ensure their personal email address for MyCreds is received by SCS to be submitted to the Ministry of Education.
  • visit,  log in using their personal email address, and request that their transcript to be shared with post-secondary institutions.

Adults who are no longer in school should:

"Unofficial" Transcript Request

Upon request, the School Office can print an “unofficial transcript" for students wishing to see their progress to date or who don't need an “official” transcript.

To request an “unofficial transcript", complete the form below. You will receive an emailed copy within 48 hours.

For questions, contact the School Office Manager, Marla Kotelnikoff, at 306-343-1494, ext. 246.

Unofficial Transcript Request Form
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