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Be involved in the decisions that affect your child!

We recognize the importance of involving the members of our school community in the development of our programs and services because this engagement is the basis for building a strong, flourishing and inclusive school community. 

As a member of the SCS community, you should expect to be involved in school decisions that affect you.  Furthermore, your involvement in deliberations about what is important to you, like how the school community grows and develops, is absolutely essential to more informed board and management decisions and better service delivery.  Effective community engagement taps into the collective knowledge and wisdom of our membership and contributes to building a more connected and resilient school community.

Your participation in the life of the school is an asset to be valued and encouraged.  We will work hard to provide a range of opportunities for members to be knowledgeable about the issues facing the school’s board and management and to be actively involved in the cultural and civic life of our community.


We look forward to your volunteer support to help us continue to make Saskatoon Christian School an exciting place to be!

In accordance with our core values, SCS recognizes the influence of home and church as an expression of the body of Christ in providing a Christ-centred education and believes that those diverse expressions nurture the vision and mission of SCS.  Giving our best honours Jesus Christ and we are better when you partner with us!

So why do SCS parents volunteer?

  • To model service and demonstrate the selflessness and the spirit of giving in action
  • To demonstrate that school is important and that it’s a worthwhile place to give extra effort
  • To feel connected by intentionally creating community
  • To keep tuition manageable by helping reduce costs
  • To have a tangible impact on the events that make up the school experience
  • To have an informed voice in the direction of the school by being involved

A copy of our Volunteer Handbook can be found here.

After School Program

SCS is pleased to partner with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Saskatoon (“BGCS”) to host our After School Program.  All SCS students are welcome to participate, but the program is intended for students enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 6. The Program will run through the school year. Afternoon sessions end at 6 pm and registration with the BGCS is required.

SCS offers space free of charge but the After School Program is administered entirely by BGCS. All related enquiries should be directed to BGCS directly.