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Your child can thrive at SCS

SCS offers an extensive Saskatchewan curriculum, based on teaching students ‘how to learn’, rather than memorizing, rehearsing, and recalling information. 

Whether your child wants to pursue post-secondary education or has other aspirations after high school, your student can thrive at SCS. Our aim is that your child will graduate understanding what it means to be a productive member of society and will want to give back to their neighborhood, their community, and their church.

We recognize that each child is unique, with skills, abilities, and ambitions like no one else. We love to celebrate your child where they are now and challenge them to become all that God has called them to be!  Our smaller class sizes ensure that whether your child is already academically strong or still growing, they will receive more one-on-one guidance and an individualized experience.

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Your child will have educational opportunities both on and off campus!  Canoe trips to the South Saskatchewan River, Bagwa Loop, and Missinipe foster an awesome mix of practical and social skills.  From downtown Saskatoon to overseas, your child will have the chance to be on mission in all kinds of arenas.  Students experience a leadership retreat to learn leadership and mentorship skills that will serve them for a lifetime.  Your child’s education goes well beyond these school walls.

Weekly Chapel is another opportunity for students to serve as part of the worship team and put their faith into practice. Christian Ethics courses include a study on world religions to foster compassion and understanding as well as internalize and deepen their own faith.

Our Art program is always evolving!  Glass-fusing is very popular with our students and a great way for all levels of skill to get creative, and our on-campus kiln means that pottery is frequently firing!

We are the SCS Royals and our spirit is unstoppable!  Participate in our inclusive sports program, where students of all skill levels can participate in basketball, volleyball, badminton, track and field and more!  We may be a small, but we are mighty! We do more than hold our own when competing against schools in Saskatoon and surrounding areas.  Go Royals!

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