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SCS places a high priority on teaching, training, and living out a mission-focused lifestyle. With every high school year, our students take an intentional step towards experiencing  the life of service to which God has called us, both locally and globally. Sometimes students need to step outside of their comfort zone so that they can learn more about themselves, about God, and about the world around them. Jesus gave us a model for training, sending, and reporting back. The book of Acts further sets out this example. In a similar paradigm, the grade 11 year is planned to be a whole mission program where students are challenged to revise their idea of what missions actually means. Within this program, students are able to enact service-based living both here and abroad such that the application of their learnings can then be put into practice in their home, school, and community.

Grade 11 Students

Each year the grade 11 students at SCS have the opportunity to participate in the Missions Training Program, either locally or globally, as part of their Christian Ethics course. For many years, our global missions students have travelled to Bolivia because of our relationship with Ken Switzer, a missionary based in Santa Cruz. We treasure this relationship and the opportunity his ministry, La Jornada, has provided our school. Students who choose the local missions option partner with various organizations in and around Saskatoon to gain practical experience right here at home!

Our global and local missions training takes place each spring. If you would like to support the missions training program, contact the Business Office at 306-343-1494, ext. 294.  For questions or specific details about the program, email Murray Long. 

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Bolivia Trip Information

This year's trip to Bolivia is scheduled for March 24 to April 4, 2024.

If you would like to support this program, click HERE to donate or contact the Business Office at 306-343-1494, ext. 294.  For questions or more details about the trip, email David Harris.

If you want to follow the Bolivia trip, please visit the SCS Student Mission Program Facebook group page and request membership.

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