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Foundations for a lifelong love of learning!

Saskatoon Christian School (SCS) is a K-12 faith-based school offering Christian instruction of the Saskatchewan Curriculum, conforming with the Ministry of Education's goals and requirements for Saskatchewan students.

The academic program at SCS is built upon a biblical worldview, a commitment to excellence, and a vision to bring out the best in every student.  The course of study engages students to think critically and deeply, while providing opportunities for collaboration, the development of decision-making strategies, and the cultivation of personal responsibility.

We are a community committed to learning and, as such, we strive to provide engaging and enriching learning experiences for all of our students.  Our aim is to nurture the God-given talents of each and every child.  From the child-centred and play-based activities of our early elementary programming through to the mastery of key skills and the pursuit of individual passions, SCS aims to foster not only academic potential but a lifelong love of learning.