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Welcome to Canada!

International families will want to take note of the items below before submitting an application:

  • Saskatoon Christian School does not have an international student study program (students who come to Canada to study in a homestay program).
  • Parents must be able to provide proof of Saskatchewan residency in order to be fundable by the Ministry of Education.  Click HERE for more information.
  • Parents are responsible for paying any unfunded portion of tuition.
  • If your family is new to Canada or if your child is not a Canadian citizen, please provide the following documents for your application to attend Saskatoon Christian School:

    • PROOF OF STUDENT’S AGE: A copy of the student’s birth certificate or passport for proof of student’s identity, citizenship, and age.
    • PROOF OF IMMIGRATION STATUS: The parent/legal guardian or the student must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, refugee claimant, or the parent/legal guardian must hold a valid study or work permit. A copy of one of the following documents will be required: permanent resident, refugee category, parent work permit, or parent study permit. 
    • PREVIOUS SCHOOL RECORDS: Previous school records (a certified translation in English is required for high school students).
  • Students must be able to function in English in our classrooms. Saskatoon Christian School currently does not offer an EAL program.