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While we do not offer student transportation, we find that many of our families carpool and rideshare successfully! 

Students are supervised between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm only. Students are discouraged from arriving too early for school and should arrive between 8:30 am and 8:40 am (first bell) only.  

After school, students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 are required to be supervised once the 3:30 pm bell rings. For the safety of the children, any Kindergarten to Grade 6 students found in the school after the 3:30 pm bell will be considered as participating in the After School Program and parents will be invoiced accordingly. SCS does NOT have a “before school” program.

The After School Program is provided on a fee-for-service basis through the Boys and Girls Clubs of Saskatoon. View their website for rates and more information and contact them directly for inquiries or registration.   

The After School Program will run through the school year and commences on the first full day of school. Afternoon sessions end at 6 pm.   

Students in Grades 7 to 12 can be in the Commons Area or outside with the understanding that there is no supervision after 3:30 pm. They will not be allowed in the hallways. If a student in Kindergarten to Grade 6 has an older sibling in Grade 7-12, the older sibling may supervise the younger ones in the Commons Area or outside as long as they stay together. 

Our average elementary classroom size is a maximum of 30 students, depending on the needs and resources required for that class. 

Our administrators’ top priority is to ensure each student receives the support they need to succeed academically. Each year, our administrators diligently work to establish optimal class sizes and resource allocation, aiming for the greatest success in each classroom. 

SCS offers volleyball, basketball, badminton, track, golf, and much more!  We are members of SSSAD, which means we compete against both public and Catholic schools, as well as schools in Saskatchewan and surrounding provinces.  We are small but mighty, bringing home many championship titles and definitely holding our own! 

All SCS staff, including substitute employees, must agree with our Statement of Faith. Everyone at SCS is committed to faith in both their personal lives and as a vital part of what they do every day in their interactions with students. 

SCS has families from more than 30 denominations and is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.  There is strength in our diversity and unity in our faith!

Yes!  Because we are a charity, a portion of the tuition costs may be receiptable as a donation for tax purposes.  Many of our parents find this helps to offset the cost of tuition, and every little bit helps.