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Gym in the Gym

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!!  We appreciate your generosity and are extremely blessed by your continued support!

If you haven't already heard, “Gym in the Gym” is raising funds to build and outfit a workout room (separated by a glass wall) onto our current gymnasium (and other capital needs).  The cost for the addition and the equipment is approximately $200,000.

There are lots of great reasons to fundraise for this addition.  Having a workout facility:

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Provides a positive activity option at lunch or after school
  • Aids athletic training for sports
  • Expands our Physical Education class equipment offerings

To date, we have raised over $63,000!  To celebrate your generosity, some SCS staff/board members participated in fun "consequences" as we reached some fundraising milestones.  Please click to view the videos below.

We still have some work to do, so please consider donating today and help us reach our $200,000 goal!

To Donate:

  • send eTransfer to
  • call the Business Office at 306-343-1494, ext. 294, to donate by credit card
  • bring cash or a cheque made out to "SCS" to the Business Office
  • donate online using the "Donate" button on the upper right-hand corner of this screen.

Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued for all individual donations of $10 or more received up to and including December 31 of each year, in accordance with the current requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency.

We can do this, SCS!  Let’s work it out!

Contact Us

Mrs. Pamela Johnson
Community Development

(306) 343-1494 x287