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New Stands for our Royals Fans!

You are a stand-up bunch!

SCS, you did it again!  Thank You!

In September, we reignited our “Light the Way” Campaign from 2019-2020 to upgrade our fluorescent tubes to LED bulbs throughout the school. You came through and we reached our goal! 

When we requested an additional $10K for this campaign to replace the light fixtures in the Commons and the Gym, you came through and we reached our “new” goal in record time!

On December 1, we launched our “New Stands for our Royals Fans” Campaign to replace our gym bleachers.  You blew us away with YOUR generosity on #GivingTuesday, raising over $23K in just one day!  Between year-end donations and donations received in January to date, we have now reached our $31K GOAL towards new bleachers!!!  You deserve a standing ovation!

We have not only reached our fundraising goal to replace the bleachers, but since September and in addition to these campaigns, we have received general donations totalling $27K.  If you have been doing the math, that makes a total of $70K raised so far this school year!

I look forward to the day when you walk the halls of our school once again and appreciate the incredible changes to our building.  You made it all happen!

We feel extremely blessed to work with an amazing community of parents, grandparents and all of our supporters who continue to believe in the value of Christian education!


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Community Development

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