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The Future is Now!

A successful future requires intentional effort and careful planning. A new car, a career, a family, or even retirement may be on your horizon. But do you ever yearn to reach beyond yourself? Do you want your life to have a lasting and tangible impact, one that can change the trajectory of the world as we know it? We are inviting you to make an impact on tomorrow, today!

At Saskatoon Christian School, we believe that a Christian education provides students with a well-rounded, faith-filled foundation. We believe that families should be able to continue to choose an educational path paved with the truth of God’s word and the light of His community. You have the power to impact our youth now as they become the Christian leaders of tomorrow. Partner with us today!

Invest in your future when you invest in the future of each student at SCS!

Current Fundraisers

Provide | Prepare | Plan

Provide - A proven method of combating the effects of anxiety and stress and promoting a calm spirit, healthy mind, and healthy body is exercise. Last year, we began raising money for “Gym in the Gym”.  You can help make this project possible and provide a positive outlet that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

You can help us provide a healthy outlet by supporting the “Gym in the Gym.”


Prepare – Our computer lab is currently stocked with out-of-date technology. We need twenty-six new computers to support necessary educational courses and deliver valuable experience as students begin to think about future careers.

You can help us prepare students for careers by supporting the “Tech Fund.


Plan – SCS has five years left on a fixed mortgage. We can apply 20% ($20,000) to the principal each year and save huge interest costs. Freedom from a mortgage would not only save money now, but it would mean liberty to plan for other needs and dream the next dream for SCS students.

You can help us plan FOR the future and dream big by supporting the “Mortgage Burning.” 

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Mrs. Lynette Fege
306-343-1491 ext. 285