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Thank you for your interest in donating to Saskatoon Christian School!  Current parents, alumni, grandparents, alumni families, staff and friends all play a part in the success of SCS.  Donors have the satisfaction of knowing that their donations make a difference and provide daily support that touches all students by meeting the school’s most pressing capital needs. Every gift, no matter the size, is appreciated.

For more information on how you can donate to SCS, please see the "Ways to Give" heading below.

Our Fundraising Philosophy

Many people ask us why we fundraise at SCS.  Provincial funding, tuition and fees are intended to cover normal operating costs of our school. Unlike public and separate schools, we do not receive full government funding.  The partial funding we do receive does not include capital.  We depend on the support of donors to help us purchase the many things that directly enhance our students’ lives and learning experiences.

For many families, providing a semi-private Christian education for their children involves significant financial investment and sacrifice.  We want to create an atmosphere where a family can give joyfully and not feel they are being asked to give beyond their means. Throughout the school year, there will be opportunities to give, but our desire is that you would not feel pressured but would prayerfully consider each opportunity.  

We appreciate any support you give to the different areas of SCS, as you are led. Our desire is that you will be blessed in your giving.

Ways to Give

A successful future requires intentional effort and careful planning. A new car, a career, a family, or even retirement may be on your horizon. But do you ever yearn to reach beyond yourself? Do you want your life to have a lasting and tangible impact, one that can change the trajectory of the world as we know it? We are inviting you to make an impact on tomorrow, today!

At Saskatoon Christian School, we believe that a Christian education provides students with a well-rounded, faith-filled foundation. We believe that families should be able to continue to choose an educational path paved with the truth of God’s word and the light of His community. You have the power to impact our youth now as they become the Christian leaders of tomorrow. Partner with us today!

Invest in your future when you invest in the future of each student at SCS!


Past Campaigns

Gym in the Gym - completed in Fall 2023

Thank you to everyone who donated to our "Gym in the Gym" fundraising campaign. Your generosity has changed the lives of SCS students FOREVER!

November 1, 2023, marked the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new weight room! Our student athletes are excited about having a place to get fit, have fun and maintain mental and physical health.  This is an invaluable asset to both our athletics programs and physical education classes, and we are pumped about this progress!

Click HERE to see the ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebrate with us!


Thank you to everyone who donated to the GivingTuesday - "Let Them Know" campaign. At its core, this campaign embodied the collective heartbeat of our community, highlighting the profound impact each individual, donor, and supporter has on the holistic development and growth of our students. It was more than just a fundraising effort; it was a heartfelt demonstration of our collective belief in the potential and promise of every student who walks through our doors.

Through this campaign, our aim was to let our students know that they are not alone on their educational journey. Every donation, every act of support, and every contribution served as a resounding affirmation that they are cherished, valued, and supported by a community that deeply believes in their potential.  We were extremely humbled by the overwhelming support and generous donations!

Click HERE for a short thank you and final total video!

Contact Us

Mrs Lynette Fege
306-343-1494, ext. 285