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sports provide valuable team-building and leadership opportunities and foster a sense of community, camaraderie and belonging

A successful athletics program promotes healthy lifestyles and is an important part of a positive school experience.  The challenge of competition and the development of personal skills and school spirit builds the self-esteem of our students and enriches the school as a whole.  SCS has developed a successful and respected athletic program because our focus is on the demonstration of character as a reflection of our Christian values.


Outdoor Education

there is no better teacher than experience

Our Outdoor Education program develops students’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the natural environment and also improves independence, confidence and self-esteem.  Students are challenged physically and mentally and learn the importance of safety in the outdoors.  Whether canoeing on a northern lake or building a shelter in the snow, being out in nature encourages students to rely on each other, reflect on their identity when they are away from their "regular" lives, and face new challenges.

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