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Providing your child with the foundations for a lifelong love of learning

Saskatoon Christian School (SCS) is a K-12 faith-based school offering Christian instruction that conforms with the Ministry of Education's goals and requirements for Saskatchewan students.

The academic program at SCS is built upon a biblical worldview, a commitment to excellence, and a vision to bring out the best in every student.  The course of study engages students to think critically and deeply, while providing opportunities for collaboration, the development of decision-making strategies, and the cultivation of personal responsibility.

We are a community committed to learning and, as such, we strive to provide engaging and enriching learning experiences for all of our students.  Our aim is to nurture the God-given talents of each and every child.  From the child-centred and play-based activities of our early elementary programming through to the mastery of key skills and the pursuit of individual passions, SCS aims to foster not only academic potential but a lifelong love of learning.

On-campus and On-line Learning

SCS offers both on-campus and on-line learning.  Whether your perfect fit is a traditional school classroom or your own living room, SCS provides an excellent educational experience that reaches beyond academia to care for the whole student.

Thanks to our partnership with Flex ED, families interested in pursuing a Christian education from home can receive course content through our SCS On-line School.  Students work independently through their course materials and our facilitators provide daily guidance and support.  SCS On-line School will be offering asynchronous on-line courses for students in grade 7-12.   All the core courses and several electives will be offered.

All students must apply for admission (and pay the application fee), however, full time students who register for SCS On-line School before September 30 do not pay any tuition fees.

Students registered in SCS On-line School require their own computer with an internet connection, a webcam for video communications, and a printer.  While on-line schooling is possible with one computer per family, we recommend one per student.