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High School Course Selections Now Closed

High School Course Selections for the 2023-2024 school year are now closed.  Please contact Mr. Long if you have any questions or concerns.

Adding/Dropping a High School Class AFTER September 5, 2023

You are responsible for making sure that you have the prerequisites needed to take the courses that you are requesting on the form below.  If you do not have the prerequisite, you will be shifted to an available course for which you have the prerequisite.   

Grades 10-12 students who wish to add/drop a class AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL must:

  • Complete the High School Course Change Request Form (including a parent signature).
  • Bring completed form to the school office and speak to administration to ensure your graduation plan is protected.
  • Attend all classes in which you are currently enrolled until this process is complete (unless your parent has notified the school office that you are excused from your current class).

Courses are not considered dropped/added until the steps above are completed.  Students are still expected to attend classes until the drop is official.