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High School Course Selection

Based on the course availabilities for your grade, please choose an option for all periods such that you have a full schedule.  When you have completed the form, you must click on the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the page in order for your course requests to be registered.

Course requests will be granted in the order in which the forms are submitted, with preference being given to the earliest requests.  If you choose to redo your form and resubmit it, the date and time on this second form will be the one that is used to consider your course choices. 

In grade 12 only, you are welcome to apply for work periods.  Please fill out all your course options noting in which period you are planning on requesting a work period.

If you have requested a work period when you made your course selections online (grade 12 only), you must pick up a Grade 12 Educational Contract from the school office and drop it off with Mr. Long once it has been completed by you and your parents. 

You are responsible to make sure that you have the prerequisites needed to take the courses that you are requesting on the form below.  If you do not have the prerequisite, you will be shifted to an available course for which you have the prerequisite.  Click to view the High School Course Selection Guide and High School Course Information.

Courses can be selected from this page starting at 10:00 am on Monday, August 12, 2019.

We strongly suggest using a desktop or laptop computer to complete the course selection form online.  Some users have reported difficulties selecting courses using the browsers on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) so please consider switching to the "View Full Site" option on your mobile browser or use another device.