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Leadership Team Challenges

Thank you for supporting the SCS Online Auction!  WAY TO GO, SCS! WE REACHED OUR $15,000 GOAL!

Enjoy these leadership team staff members indulging in fun challenges as a way to celebrate this success!  Click HERE to view.

What Are We Fundraising For?

We want to produce our own digital Christian worldview curriculum to offer electives to our SCS students and ultimately to expand our reach to families beyond Saskatoon, beyond our country and into all areas of the world! Amazing!

Why is This Important?

1) We can offer a wider choice of electives for ALL students.
2) If your child(ren)’s needs change, on-line will always be an option, pandemic or not.
3) Our enrollment can soar, resulting in a positive financial impact.
4) Our government funding increases per student, whether on-campus or on-line.
5) Our ability to serve the generations to come and impact the Kingdom of Christ is strengthened.
6) We will continue to be trailblazers – this time as the first to offer on-line school from a Christian worldview in Saskatchewan!

We have SCS teachers who are willing to write curriculum suitable for delivery using an on-line platform, starting this summer.  Owning our own digital curriculum, written intentionally through a Christian lens, would mean offering a specific on-line education that is truly reflective of SCS’ vision, mission, and values.  How great would it be to deliver a high-quality Christian education, whether it’s one class for a Saskatoon student or an entire education to a student anywhere in the world!

You can help!  The average cost to write curriculum for a Ministry of Education subject is approximately $3000-$5000 per subject/grade.  You can invest in the future of SCS and help us reach students as close as our front door or on the other side of the world!

Auction Questions?
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Mrs. Pamela Johnson
Community Development

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