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SCS was started by local families, has been supported by local families, and now is one of the leading christian schools in saskatchewan

From humble beginnings in 1983, SCS opened with 33 students and 2 staff, operating a K-8 program out of 3 rooms rented from a local school.  Today, almost 40 years later, we have an enrollment of close to 300 students and 40 staff.  SCS offers a fully accredited K-12 curriculum from modern facilities situated on its 37-acre campus.  SCS would not enjoy its current success if not for the deep faith, sharp foresight and obvious commitment to Christian education shown by the founding families and those who followed.  As the school has grown and as the circumstances and partnerships for Christian education have changed, SCS has adapted, looking back with thanksgiving and ahead with hope.


  • 1983

    Using 3 rented rooms at John Lake School, Saskatoon Christian School opened with 33 students, 2 staff and a K-8 program

  • 1985

    SCS moved to 2410 Haultain Avenue as tenants of the Saskatoon Full Gospel Church

  • 1993

    SCS received Accredited School status from the Saskatchewan Department of Education

  • 1994

    Grade 9 added to the curriculum

  • 1999

    SCS accepted as an “associate school” with Saskatoon Public School Division which allowed the school to receive partial funding and access to school division resources

  • 2002

    Grades 10 to 12 added to the curriculum

  • 2003

    Current facility built on 37 acres purchased for that purpose

  • 2010

    With student enrollment at 350, school facilities expanded to include 4 additional classrooms, a fine arts room and a multi-purpose auditorium

  • 2013

    Completed addition of temporary classroom space to accommodate anticipated enrollment of 380

  • 2020

    Awarded Qualified Independent School status by the Ministry of Education

  • 2022

    Awarded Certified Independent School status by the Ministry of Education (the first in Saskatchewan)