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Saskatoon Society for Christian Education (the "Society")

Saskatoon Christian School ("SCS") is operated by Saskatoon Society for Christian Education Inc., a membership organization established to provide weekday Christian instruction and education for our children in order that they may "strengthen the family, serve the Church, and influence the world".  As such, the general purpose of the Society is to maintain high standards of Christian education in the school and to promote opportunities to expand Christian education in the Saskatoon region.


The Board

The Board is accountable to the members of the Society, parents, students, staff and the entire school community for the conduct, performance and culture of SCS.  The Board provides strategic guidance for SCS and effectively oversees and reviews the school's management.  Click here to email the Board.

Please note, however, that the Board does not involve itself in specific management issues.  Matters related to the day-to-day operation of SCS should be referred to the Principal or Director, who can be contacted as follows:

Murray Long, Principal
306-343-1494, ext. 224

David Harris, Director
306-343-1494, ext. 295

Board of Trustees

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