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Kindergarten at SCS is a special a special place...for special people.  On any given day, our children may be acting out a Bible story, playing games, writing in their journals, singing songs, learning to read or praying.  With group time, learning centres, and teacher guided movement activities, our kindergarten teacher provides a Christian basis for social and academic development.  We emphasize experiential learning and play-based activities to best allow children to develop at their own pace while encouraging them to reach and enjoy their full potential.

SCS has an exceptional program, rooted in a faith setting, which sets the foundation for lifelong learning


  1. Play board games to practice taking turns.
  2. Set up play dates.
  3. Sort household items according to colour, size, and shape.
  4. Expect your child to clean up after play time.
  5. Practice counting to 20 and forming the numerals to 10.
  6. Teach your child basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle).
  7. Have your child practice following 2-step directions.
  8. Work with letters and sounds of the alphabet in a variety of ways.
  9. Teach your child to make various patterns (red, blue, red, blue).  Use dot stickers, blocks, pompoms, etc.
  10. Read to your child at least 20 minutes a day.  Point to the words, talk about the pictures, discuss the story.
  • Read early and read often.  It is never too early to begin reading to your child.
  • Introduce new words in conversation with your child.
  • Trace and say letters with your child.
  • Read it again and again.
  • Talk about letters and the sounds they make.
  • Don't leave home without a book or magazine.
  • Be patient when your child is trying to figure out a new word.
  • Pick books that are the right level for your child to read.
  • Take turns reading out loud at bedtime.
  • Write it out.  Ask your child to help write the grocery list or a note to Grandma.